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  • Elemental (Outsider)
  • Elemental Plane of Earth
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  • Toril
  • Common
  • Terran

Xorns were strange elemental creatures from the Plane of Earth.



Xorns were very odd-looking creatures. They had radially symmetrical bodies with their large mouth at the top and surrounded by three long arms interspersed with their three eyes. Their wide, pebbly, and rocky bodies rested upon three stumpy legs. They had talons at the end of their arms. Smaller xorns were about three feet tall, but the oldest specimens could reach eight feet in height and width and weigh as much as 9,000 pounds (4080 kilograms).

The stony flesh of xorns was a required component in the creation of daggers of defiance.


Grumbar, the lord of elemental earth, naturally favored xorns. They were sacred to the gnome deities Callarduran Smoothhands and Flandal Steelskin and the Mulhorandi god Geb as well. These powers would sometimes send xorns to aid their followers.


Like many creatures from the Plane of Earth, xorns could travel through ground and stone as if it were water, leaving behind no tunnel at all.

Xorns could sense the vibrations of other creatures in the earth and they could smell their food from twenty feet away (six meters).

Xorns were scavengers, and they consumed rocks, minerals, and gems. In fact, they could not digest meat at all, so they did not eat creatures on the Material Plane. They only attacked to defend themselves, although they could be more aggressive if hungry and hunting for their inorganic food. If in groups, they would often send one of their number to negotiate for food.

They could speak Common and Terran.


If they did resort to fighting, they often hid below the surface and erupted on their enemies, attacking with bite and talons.



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