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Winemaker genie
  • Elemental Humanoid
  • Zakhara
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  • Toril
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Winemaker genies were unique tasked genies dedicated to making the best possible wines in Zakhara.


Winemaker genies got along well with any creature that appreciated their skills. They were commonly found in the company of wine snobs, drunks, satyrs, nymphs, centaurs, and hill giants.

Any alcoholic beverage made by a winemaker genie usually cost four times as much as a standard version.


Focused on their vineyards, winemaker genies were quiet creatures. These genies possessed the head of a cat, body of a dog, and a long elephant-like trunk that they used to crush grapes. They stood erect at about four to five feet (1.2 – 1.5 m) tall. These creatures did not wear clothes but used grape leaves to cover themselves.


These genies were poor fighters. If angered enough, they could use their trunk to grab and squeeze enemies. Spraying wine from their trunks was another useful attack as it could temporarily blind opponents.

Winemaker genies could use the following spell-like abilities: water walk, purify food and water, create water, goodberry, speak with animals, detect poison, pass plant, sunshine, plant growth.

Habitat and societyEdit

Winemaker genies traveled all over the Land of Fate, wandering between harvests. They never stayed at a single vineyard for more than two years.

A winemaker genie’s skills often deteriorated over time since they sampled their creations too much.

These genies would serve a master as long as they were treated well, were given free reign of the vineyard, and if their master never watered their wine.



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