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Wind Tribe
Wind Tribe
  • Natural humanoid
  • Hyrule
  • Siroc
  • Various
  • Unnamed world
  • Hylian

The Wind Tribe is a group of people in The Minish Cap who built and lived in the Wind Ruins.



Though they resemble typical humans, all members of the Wind Tribe have an innate ability to walk on clouds, though Hailey implies this may be a result of having pure hearts. In addition, each of them has red-colored hair.


Members of the Wind Tribe are very skilled at finding Kinstone pieces, storing what they can manage in chests around their home. This skill may be necessary because they seem to depend on Kinstone Fusion to call winds. Link may fuse kinstones with some of their members, including Gale and Strato found on the bottom floor, Caprice found on the second floor, Flurris found on the third floor, and Hailey found on the fourth floor.

The Wind Tribe seemed to be on good terms with many of the races in Hyrule before leaving for the sky. They were the favorite people of King Gustaf, an ancient king of Hyrule, and the Minish built Armos statues for them long ago.


After living with the wind for a long time, the tribe gained mastery over it. They eventually abandoned the Wind Ruins and used their wind magic to move their palace to the Cloud Tops and keep it suspended there. They took their element with them and placed it in the Palace of Winds, guarding its entrance ever since. The tribe constructed Mazaal to repel intruders and guard a stone tablet on top of the Fortress of Winds. The tablet tells those seeking the Wind Element that the tribe moved to the sky and instructs adventurers to use the Ocarina that Zeffa drops.

Early on in Link's adventure, he can do a Kinstone Fusion with Stranger to reach the Cloud Tops via a warp portal in south Hyrule Field. He is warped to a small section of the Cloud Tops in which the ailing Gregal resides; Link cannot venture further until he eventually accesses the Cloud Tops from Veil Falls after first amassing the Earth, Fire, and Water Elements.


  • Their names were inspired by wind types.

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