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Few demons are as despised as the vrocks. These fiends embody the worst traits of the demonic race: betrayal, rage, and hatred. Vrocks are used by other demons as shock troops, but are always watched carefully, as they tend to turn sides at the last minute. Such is their chaotic nature. Vrocks delight in slowly slaying mortal creatures and feasting on their warm entrails while the still-living victim watches in horror. Much like the vultures they appear to resemble, vrocks will scavenge meat from any kill they can find.



This creature looks like a cross between a huge vulture and a large human. It has strong, sinewy limbs covered with small gray feathers, a long neck topped with a vulture head, and vast feathered wings. A vrock appears to be a vulture-like demon with knobby skin covered in wart-like growths. These growths often explode at a moment’s notice, releasing a cloud of spores that burrows into the flesh of anything around the fiend. A vrock stands 8 feet tall and weighs 500 pounds.

Vrocks serve as guards to more powerful demons and as flying assault troops in the abyssal wars.


Vrocks are vicious fighters who like to fly down into the enemy and cause as much damage as possible. They prance about in battle, taking briefly to the air and bringing their clawed feet into play. Despite their advantage in mobility, the vrocks’ deep love of battle frequently leads them into melee combats against heavy odds.



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