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Vampire spawn
  • Natural Humanoid (Undead)
  • Various
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Common

Vampire spawn are night hunting undead.



Vanity is the true beast of the vampire spawn, since they believe themselves better than others. These monsters do use others as soldiers, like ghouls and wights, or bodyguards, such as mummies or mohrgs. They appear as they did in life, though their features harden and appear predatory.

Vampire spawn are the masters of stealth and charismatic cunning, easily standing their ground against any foe in combat. For them, battle is simple, because if they cannot win through sheer force, they can vanish using abilities like, gaseous form or spider climbing. Like most undead, their bite and touch cause blood drain, domination, and energy drain, making them terrible opponents of living beings.


They live their lives in darkness and believe they are better than other living or undead creatures. Even though they do not possess all of the standard vampire powers, they still have the affections of all their traditional weaknesses and vulnerabilities. When it comes to a life of adventuring, vampire spawn will seek vengeance on their creators, or penance for their new damnation. If these monsters can overcome their ravenous emotions, they may seek out knowledge, glory, or power.



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