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Spined devil
  • Immortal Humanoid (Devil)
  • Nine Hells
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Infernal

A spined devil is a fiend around 150-250 lbs, and up to 30 inches tall. They crawl around on all fours, and are sometimes compared to a mastiff. They are covered with hundreds of sharp spines, quills, about 5-7 inches in length. The quills can be ejected on demand, and explode into a flame after release. The spines bury themselves in the target, setting fire anything flammable.

They seemingly only wish to cause chaos.

They also seem to be guardians, similar to a barbed devil. Several guard Zeeahd during his quest to find the Abbey of the Rose. In this instance, they hide inside the skins of cats, coming out only when bid by Zeeahd.



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