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Silats were shapeshifting hags that roamed the wilderness of Zakhara. They would venture into the cities of the Land of Fate under magical disguise to search for food.


Silats were nocturnal and much of their time was spent in search of food. Neutral or good silats ate animal meat while evil ones preferred human or demihuman flesh.

Silats were treated with ambilvalence because they were known to be extremely helpful to those who approached them in the correct manner. Unfortunately this manner varied between each silat.


Their true appearance was that of a giant humanoid female with pale green or blue skin. Their hair was a darker color of their skin. Curved ram horns sprouted from the side of their head. Older silats had longer horns with the horns growing a full spiral every century. A silat’s teeth and nails were yellow but harder than obsidian.

No matter what form they took, silats always wore rags that barely concealed their skin.


All silats possessed superhuman strength. They could attack with their claws or with a bite. Magical or iron weapons were needed to injure them and they were capable of regeneration. Silats were immune to poison and mind-influencing spells.

Silats could polymorph at will once they reached adulthood. Matriarch silats, those older than five centuries, could also polymorph others.

Habitat and societyEdit

These usually solitary creatures could be found just about anywhere in Zakhara. In order to discourage encounters, they often disguised themselves as hideously ugly women.

Small groups of silats could be found living together in the wild. The females would mate with ogre magi. Male offspring were ogre magi and all female offspring were silats.

All silats preferred to be left alone and treated with respect when they were encountered. Individuals who showed respect and displayed manners were rarely eaten.



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