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Sakina were air sprites from Zakhara. Friendly by nature, these creatures roamed the sky in search of unique scents and adventure.


Sakina were friendly to nearly every good aerial creature. Their whispers were used as components for enchanting and their mere presence could be used to make a potion of flying.


Sakina were wind creatures but had no tie to the Elemental Plane of Air. They were usually invisible but could draw water vapor into their bodies to appear as partially visible humanoid creatures.


Sakina were dangerous opponents. They could blast their opponents with compressed air that caused damage and set most opponents off-balance.

A sakina's favorite attack was their ability to make up to seven creatures, weighing less than 700 lbs (317.5 kg) each, as light as air. Affected creatures were blown away on the wind currents unless they were able to grab hold of something. The sakina could control how high the creatures floated and then drop them to the ground to devastating effect. This power could also be used to aid friendly creatures that were in danger.

Sakina were able to carry a single human-sized passenger up to 300 miles (483 km) in a single day.

Habitat and societyEdit

Sakina were solitary creatures that roamed the skies and kept no treasure.

They consumed scents as their only source of nourishment.

Some elemental wind mages knew of a combination of incense and aromas that could be used to summon these creatures. Sakina would usually agree to help the wind mages if they were approached with respect after they consumed their buffet of scents.



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