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  • Natural Humanoid (Giantkin, Undead)
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  • Rom
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Rom were undead giants that inhabited some underground areas of Zakhara.


Being undead, rom did not play a part in the ecology of Zakhara. They stayed buried in their tombs unless disturbed.

These musical undead giants were said to have inspired visiting bards to write masterpieces. These masterpieces had the same effect as pipes of haunting if read or sung at night.


Rom were only male. They were tall and well-muscled with human proportions. All rom were talented artists of some kind and their voices were sad and resonant.


Rom viciously attacked anything that disturbed their dwellings. In addition to damage from their immense size, a blow from a rom drained the victim’s strength.

The mere presence of a rom radiated fear to those viewing them, causing many to flee.

When they had the room, rom threw rocks at their attackers.

All rom were immune to normal weapons, poison, paralysis, and all enchantment and cold magic.

Habitat and societyEdit

It was believed that rom were the remnants of a race of giant herdsman whose wives only produced male offspring, thinning the population when breeding stopped taking place. During their grief, the rom built giant cairns and buried themselves alive, but Fate maintained their existence in undeath.

These cairns could be found throughout Zakhara. Vegetation surrounding them was dull and animal life was sparse. During the night, loud lamentations could be heard from deep within the cairns.

Brave visitors seeking refuge were sometimes accepted if they knocked on the entrance to these cairns. Anyone trying to force their way in was attacked by every rom dwelling within the cairn.



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