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The Minish, also known as Picori by the Hyruleans, are a small race of people no bigger than Link's thumb.



The Minish resemble anthropomorphic mice that have, like Hylians, long pointy ears.

It is said that Minish are invisible to adults; only good, well-behaved children can see them. The Minish are well-known for their Kinstone hiding capabilities. Wanting their human counterparts to find them, they place them in various obvious and inconspicuous places, and even keep some for themselves to fuse with Link when he comes along.


They came from the Minish World a long time ago, when monsters threatened mankind, and gave the Hero of Men a sword of unparalleled power, the Picori Blade. They also left behind the Light Force for the Royal Family. Their help is celebrated annually in Hyrule through the Picori Festival. Every one hundred years, the doorway between their world and the world of men appears in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle.


  • Forest Minish

The Forest Picori are the Minish that live in the Minish Woods, and throughout Hyrule Field. They are easily noticed by the green clothes, red cone-shaped hats, and feather-like tails. Their elder is Gentari, and the wisest member aside from him is Festari. The Forest Picori also have lots of Kinstone pieces to fuse. These Picori often visit the Town Picori in Hyrule Town.

  • Mountain Minish

The Mountain Picori are seven Minish that followed Melari from the Minish Woods to Mount Crenel. They now live in Melari's Mine, where they hunt for Kinstones by digging those from the walls. It is common to dig and find bombs underground in this area. These Minish often sing a particular song about their community.

  • Town Minish

The Town Picori are the Minish that moved from the Minish Village to Hyrule Town due to their love for humans. Their elder is Librari, twin brother of Gentari (the Forest Minish elder). The Town Picori are found all over the place, and even hold a secret diner in the attic of Mama's Cafe. They wear blue, green or pink clothing. The Minish in the Royal Hyrule Library wear orange clothing.

The Town Minish help the residents with various tasks, like Rem, the shoemaker who is always falling asleep while working, to finish his shoes.



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