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Merrow are a breed of ogre adapted to aquatic environments.


Merrow are ignorant and superstitious and have no skills but plundering and murder. Areas of the freshwater lakes and seas where they have influence are avoided by sailors and fishermen. These monsters are carnivores, preying on all who enter their regions, often emptying the seas of life with their voracious appetites.


Faster and fiercer than their land kin, the freshwater merrow are greenish and scaled with webbed hands and feet. Their necks are long and thick, their shoulders are sloping, and they have huge mouths and undershot jaws. Merrow have black teeth and nails and deep green eyes with white centers, and their hair resembles slimy seaweed. About 10% grow ivory horns, especially the more powerful males. Aquatic ogres are very fond of tattoos, and females may have their entire bodies inked with scenes of death and destruction as a sign of status. Merrow speak their own dialect and the language of other ogres.


Using their green coloration, aquatic ogres can hide, becoming effectively invisible in oceanic terrain. They attack from cover, using longspears, and follow up their assault with talons and teeth.

Habitat and societyEdit

Merrow dwell in caves in shallow, fresh water (50-250 feet deep), often with scrags (aquatic trolls). They can live out of water for about two hours, so they often forage on land. Merrow usually control an area with a radius of 10-15 miles, hunting and foraging throughout this territory. In times of scarcity, or when the lure of treasure becomes too great, a war party will attack the coastal villages of man. Merrow prefer gold and jewels and often overlook dull magical items in search of glittering prizes. The goals of a merrow chieftain rule the tribe, and these power-hungry monsters seek to completely control their "kingdoms," often leading to attacks on intruding ships.

The illithid Vestress, queen of Ascarle in 1361 DR, had standing army with a core of 100 merrow under her command.



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