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  • Natural humanoid (giant)
  • Frostfire Ridge
  • Gorgrond
  • Unknown
  • Drov (Formerly)
  • Kormrok (Formerly)
  • N/A
  • Draenor
  • Orcish
  • Common

The magnaron are immense giants of molten stone, directly descended from the immense colossals that once roamed the surface of Draenor. There are few living today who can communicate with these enigmatic giants, and fewer still who understand their seemingly chaotic motivations. Amidst the lava fields of Frostfire Ridge, they carve elemental sigils into the stone and bind elemental furies to their will.


The magnaron serve as commanders for the Breakers, a faction of earth-based creatures who seemingly originate from Frostfire Ridge who seek to transform all of Draenor into a wasteland. They are often seen fighting Genesaurs, as the Breakers are locked in an on-going conflict with the Primals, a faction of sentient plant-like beings. The magnaron are the ancestors of the gronn, who are also part of the Breakers faction and through them the ogron and the ogres.

The Iron Horde has begun enslaving their gronn and gronnling descendents for use as mounts and living siege engines with cannons and weaponry strapped to their backs; this duty primarily fell to the Thunderlord clan, but the Blackrock Clan have taken control of many gronnlings and apparently a few magnaron as well (during his brief appearance during the Assault on the Dark Portal, Blackhand has a magnaron behind him) using the Heart of the Magnaron, though the origins of the artifact and its connection to the magnaron remain unclear. However, one magnaron, Kromog, is mentioned to have been aiding the Blackrock willingly by using his large stone fists to hammer out the large metal plating used to build dreadnaughts and siege weaponry; no one, least of all the astonished Blackrock, know why he's doing such, though the magnaron are mysterious in their ways, ancient and inscrutable.

Kormrok once ruled over Gorgrond, until he was trapped by the Iron Horde and brought to their fortress of Hellfire Citadel.



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