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  • Natural Humanoid (Outsider)
  • Far Realm
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Kaorti
  • Elven

The kaorti were an alien, emaciated people from the Far Realm who wished to transform the Prime Material Plane into a place more to their liking.


During the Dawn Ages, elves created the Vast Gate in an attempt to make travel anywhere instantaneous and to see what lay beyond the works of the gods. In doing so, the Vast Gate created a tiny opening into the Far Realm that allowed for an invasion from that plane's inhabitants. The Vast Gate was sealed forever, but the opening into the Material Plane from the Far Realm remained and slowly grew.

A group of Imaskari wizards who called themselves the Quin (the Roushoum word for 'entitled'), discovered ancient tablets detailing the elves' quest for reality beyond reality. Working from what little magical lore remained on these tablets, the Quin created the Quinspire in a much-publicized attempt to bring new magic from the other reality back to Imaskar.

The Quin succeeded but within minutes of their arrival, they had attracted the attention of a vast elder evil known to the aboleths as Zurguth. Zurguth's mere proximity to the unfortunate men transformed the Quin into the first kaortis. Imaskar soon forgot the Quin and little, if any, of their research survived. Part of the kaorti's alien minds recalled something of their previous existence however. This vague memory eventually spurred them to investigate faint traces of Material Plane residue left by the Quinspire, which they traced back to its source with their magic. When they rediscovered the Prime Material, they found it inimical to their existence and were struck by an all-consuming urge to transform it into a place more hospitable to them.



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