• Natural humanoid
  • Kezan
  • Azshara
  • Jastor Gallywix (Horde)
  • Steamwheedle (Neutral)
  • N/A
  • Azeroth
  • Goblin
  • Low Common

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Hobgoblins, also known to some goblins as brutes or oafs, are large semi-giants that guard the Isle of Kezan's cities, such as the Undermine. The Hobgoblins were once goblins altered by some foul alchemy becoming tough, powerful, and "dumber than an ogre with a hangover".


Old backgroundEdit

The Alchemists' Union's greatest creations are the dread hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are stupid, brutal troops that goblins created with their mad alchemy. Goblins created hobgoblins by experimenting on their own kind. The alchemically-wrought changes in hobgoblins did more than increase their size and strength and decrease their mental faculties. Perhaps the most well-known fact about them is their short lives. If a hobgoblin lives to his third year, he's ancient. Hobgoblins either don’t realize their lives are pitifully short (which is likely, due to their limited intellect) or they don't care. Hobgoblins can also alter their personal metabolisms, channeling their adrenalin into the muscles that most need it. Their sweat is acidic, and they are capable of bursts of amazing speed that will reduce them to unconscious piles.

One frightening change the alchemy wrought was on hobgoblin emotions and psychology. Hobgoblins are unstable, and their goblin masters find them difficult to control. They have a number of tactics — ranging from the violent to the culinary — to convince hobgoblins to obey, but because of this instability goblins use hobgoblins only rarely. Hobgoblins grunt out phrases in Common and Goblin. When hobgoblins use one of their alchemically-created abilities, they secrete a sticky acid that build up on their skin and eventually becomes coated with this acid. Creatures that touch them or are touched by them are harmed by this acid. If enough of this acid builds up they are capable of shaking themselves like a dog, spraying the acid on nearby creatures. However, this acid is also highly flammable and will burst into flames should the hobgoblin come into contact with fire. The most insane hobgoblins set themselves on fire before entering combat.

New backgroundEdit

Hobgoblins are mainly used for manual labor, shock troops, guards, and other works where muscle is useful. They are shown to be affected by Kaja'mite.

In Mists of Pandaria the Horde has hired Heavy Mooks to defend Dominance Offensive. According to Sky Admiral Rogers, the Horde is using them to hide behind their bodies on the front lines. She also claims that they are dumber than ogres.



Hobgoblins are large humanoids - both in shape, height and size - that resemble ogres. They have salmon to purple skin tones and typically wear chain necklaces. Their eye colors usually range from red to amber. Surprisingly they have five fingers and toes, unlike their goblin relatives.


  • Every goblin adventurer has their own personal hobgoblin banker.

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