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  • Elemental Humanoid
  • Zakhara
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  • Primordial

Gen were small elemental genies who served as familiars to sha'irs in Zakhara. All sha’irs needed them to work their magic. Various kinds of gen existed including: wind gen (djinnlings), sand gen (daolani), sea gen (maridans), and fire gen (efreetikin).


Gen were fanatically loyal to their masters who provided everything needed for their survival.


All gen were tiny and resembled the elemental plane they represented.

Wind gen had white hair and bluish skin that was almost transparent in bright light. They were unusually skinny. Their skin color could change depending on the weather. An approaching storm would cause a wind gen’s skin to turn grey.

Fire gen had long red hair and ebony skin. Their fingers had long claws and were constantly wiggling. It was nearly impossible for a fire gen to remain still. All fire gen needed to be closely monitored to keep them from starting random fires.

Water gen had greenish skin and blue eyes and hair. Their hair was usually wet and matted with seaweed. They enjoyed wearing jewelry comprised of pearls and shells.

Sand gen had tan skin and black hair. Their bodies were globular, making their appendages appear small.


Gen were weak fighters but could use their elemental abilities to their advantage.

Habitat and societyEdit

Gen returned to their elemental plane if their master died. Gen who perished could be brought back by a sha’ir.



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