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Frost giant
  • Elemental humanoid (giant-kin)
  • Various cold mountains
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Giant
  • Jotunise

Frost giants are large types of giants that live in caverns or castles in cold, mountainous environments.



Almost always evil creatures, these giants stand 15' (4.6m) tall and weigh around 2800lbs (1270kg). They have white skin and either blue or dirty yellow hair and wear skins or pelts, along with jewelry they own. Their eye color usually matches their hair color.


These giants live up to 250 years in societies led by a "jarl" and often survive by means of hunts and raids, although are not below trading if the need arises. In frost giant society, the most important bond except that of the ordning is the family bond. The ordning is determined by a combination of the individual's ability to wrestle and boast. Communication in the community is through the use of speaking Jotunise and Jotun.

"Jarl" is the title used to describe the leader of a frost giant community. They are usually the most powerful in their tribe and usually have the best equipment.

A skald is a frost giant bard.


In combat, frost giants will hurl rocks and then close in with battleaxes. They are immune to cold, but particularly vulnerable to fire, and have low-light vision. Their power visual senses extend into a higher end of the visible spectrum, allowing them to see more easily through snow and blizzards than other creatures. They will take prisoners if possible.



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