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Desert centaur
  • Fey Humanoid
  • Subtropical deserts and grasslands
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Common

Desert centaurs are nomads who living in deserts of Zakhara and often doing raids on bandits camps. They are very fast and brutal raiders, the best in this matter. It should be noted, that the desert centaurs zealously protect theirs land.

In size they are inferior to forest centaurs but also have the longer, thinner legs of an antelope. Males grow long beards and females wear veils and beautiful clothes. During the trip, they carry their belongings in a small bag.


Centaurs constantly roam the desert from oasis to oasis and often meet native human tribes. When required they can attack or conclude a peace treaty with the tribe. Desert centaurs dislike genies and rarely go to the cites.


Desert centaurs prefer to use spears, bows and scimitars. In close combat, they can also attack with their hooves. Desert centaurs prefer ranged weapons and try not to step into close combat. They often use tactics typical to the nomads, luring the enemy into an ambush and strike, then dissolve in the desert, if the opponent will withstand it all happens in the same way. Do not forget that the centaurs wonderful shooters, they can overwhelm their opponents a whole bunch of arrows.

Habitat and societyEdit

Desert centaurs are nocturnal. Their excellent vision allows them to orientate perfectly in the dark. In the moonlit night a Centaur can see 200 meters. Tribes of desert centaurs live almost across all of Zakhara. They often engage in stealing cattle, and unlike humans they do not domesticate animals preferring to eat them immediately. Usually every tribe of Desert Centaurs has a priestess which simultaneously act as leader. She usually knows several languages ​​including trade language and sometimes the Debbi language. Women, except priestess rarely take part in the battle. Some centaurs also serve as security guards or scouts.



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