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  • Monstrous Humanoid
  • Underdark
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  • Toril
  • Undercommon

Chitines were humanoids that resembled spiders and were found in the Underdark.



Chitines were about 4 feet tall and had four arms, each of which had an extra joint. Each of their hands and feet were embedded with claws, which allowed them to climb most surfaces. Their faces held faceted eyes and mandibles attached to their mouths. Chitines could spin webs from their stomach. Their skins secreted oil, preventing the chitines from sticking to their own webs.


When possible, chitines used their webs to create pitfall traps to catch enemies unawares. Their ambidexterity and hooks in their hands made them extremely difficult to disarm. They were, however, sensitive to sunlight and bright lights.


Chitines usually lived in villages inside a cavern filled with maze-like webs. In the center of the cavern was always a temple to Lolth. The leaders of each village were choldriths, chitine priests that were in fact a different species.


In the 13th century DR, chitines were created by Ched Nasadan wizards of House Mylyl as failed slave experiments. In 1305 DR, the chitines rebelled from drow enslavement and founded Yathchol.

In 1372 DR, the Forgotten Ones, driders of T'lindhet negotiated a defense pack with a group of chitines and planned to attack T'lindhet. In that same year, the nobles of House Teh'Kinrellz were saved from destruction because they were out on a chitine hunt during the fall of Ched Nasad.


Chitines were found throughout the upper and middle-Northdark. However, the majority lived in several connected villages known cumulatively as Yathchol, located beneath the Far Forest. A few drow houses kept chitines as slaves, including House Melarn in Menzoberranzan and some inhabitants of Sshamath. A few chitines also lived in the Spiderhaunt Wood in Shadowdale.



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