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Batrachi were an amphibious race that are counted as one of the Creator Races.



The batrachi who live in the Supreme Throne worship a deity called Ramenos.


The Order of the Black Flame that is associated with the Firebringer.


In -33500 (Dalesreckoning), the Batrachi found kingdoms of their own.

In -31000 (Dalesreckoning), the Batrachi unleash several once-imprisoned primordials against Annam, lord of giants and titans, and his colossal brood. The gods, furiously oppose the primordials which leads to catastrophic disaster across all of Toril, including a period of seven years of darkness and cold which the Batrachi call the Seven-Turn Winter. As the war rages on, many Batrachi escape to Limbo. Soon after, they found the Supreme Throne. In reaction to the destruction wrought by the war of god versus primordial and batrachi, Ao splits the world into two twin worlds, slightly out of phase with one another. One is called Abeir, and dominion over this twin of Toril is given to the primordials. Toril, the original world is placed under divine rule.

Kolophoon, Boitumelo, Nadezhda, Zhoukoudien and Pourounkorokale were the Batrachi Empires.

Pourounkorokale was located underneath the Shining Sea. The tako ruled over tribes of kuo-toa, locathah, and other species of aquatic batrachi. Pourounkorokale fell after the fall of the other Batrachi empires due to dragon attacks and the betrayal by their sahuagin allies. Survivors fled through the Strait of Lopango into the Sea of Corynactis.

The confederation of Boitumelo was centered on the Narrow Sea and was populated by tribes of kappa, sivs, and grippli.

The abolethic Kolophoon Sovereignty ruled over the lands surrounding and beneath the modern day Wizards Reach and Alamber Sea. Kopru and froghemoth were their servitors. Presumably these batrachi opened the first gates to the Far Realm and unleashed the Abolethic Sovereignty upon Abeir-Toril.

Zhoukoudien was the largest of the batrachi surface nations and was ruled by the ancestors of the bullywugs. These batrachi caused the Tearfall when they unleashed the primordials upon the world.

Nadezhda was an empire of batrachi doppelgangers in modern-day Maztica. The empire fell to the Aearee as they moved into the region.


It was discovered by illithids in 1370 DR that the batrachi ruled at least as far north as the Black Sea and as far south as Lopango.



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