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Bar-lgura appear like lumbering apes. This appearance is misleading, for although they look and move like orangutans, they are intelligent and use their magical abilities craftily.

They make excellent scouts and skirmishers. The sight of a dozen of these bestial monsters loping forward at high speed can crush the morale of the stoutest warrior. They prefer to operate in small packs. Unlike many demons, bar-lguras do not want to be around lesser demons. They do not enjoy bullying dretches and manes the way rutterkins do. Instead they feel that the lesser demons just get in their way.



Standing 5 to 6 feet tall, a bar-lgura is covered in reddish-brown hair, although it can change color. Its face is apelike, and its forelimbs are long and powerful while its rear limbs are short - and powerful. Bar-lguras frequently walk on all fours, but they are capable of standing upright. A few wield weapons and wear humanoid clothing and armor.


Bar-lguras enjoy setting ambushes and attacking foes with surprise. They leap into combat and throttle opponents with their powerful limbs. If they outnumber their foes, some of these demons grapple and hold the enemy while others tear at them with powerful claws.

Many of their supernatural and spell-like abilities help them surprise their foes. Unlike that of most other demons, bar-lguras' teleport ability is not limited to just themselves, so bar-lguras use this ability to grab foes and teleport them to prisons or sealed caverns, leaving them there for as long as they wish.



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