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A Banshee is a female phantom, embodying the essence of hideousness. Banshees are the spirits of strong-willed, selfish humanoids. They are undead creatures who delight in bringing death to any living creature. It still speaks the language it has known in life.



A banshee doesn't have a defined shape rather a misty form with vague and flowing features. Her aura makes trees and brushes wither in her mere proximity. Her face looks twisted and asymmetric with a hook-nose and pop-eyes. A banshee has long fingers.

A banshee appears as a translucent image of its former self in life. With the pass of time the image of the banshee tends to become blurred and indistinct, but still recognizable as a humanoid. A banshee is incorporeal and therefore can only be harmed by magical means with magical weapons or abilities. Because a banshee is an undead it has all the immunities of undead creatures.


The banshee's most feared weapon is her piercing moan that can be as hurtful as any weapon.

They hate all living things with an unholy fury and they readily attack anyone who trespasses their territory. It will use its horrific appearance to drive of less powerful foes, then use its howling wails one or more times to damage any who remain. Finally a banshee will use its Charisma drain in melee to finish off the intruder. If it is overmatched the banshee will flee into the earth to a gravelike lair. Any living creature within 60 feet that views a banshee can lose permanently Strength and Dexterity and Constitution, due to the horrific appearance of the banshee. Banshees can detect living creatures within one-half mile three times per day.


A banshee can loose a deadly wail during the night. This can slay up to eighteen living creatures within a 30-foot circle or a cone of 60-foot. Only with much luck someone might negate the effect. Luckily a banshee can wail only three times per day.



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