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Archliches are a type of lich that has a non-evil alignment. They can be of any type of spellcaster and devote their existence to whatever noble purpose motivated their transformation into lichdom.


The choice to embrace undeath is allowed and considered only on rare occasions, when a clan or settlement has need of lorekeepers or defenders beyond the norm. Sustained indefinitely by magic, archliches appear largely as they did in life, though an immediate clue as to its undead nature is the appearance of shrivelled and wrinkled skin turning slightly translucent over time. Some of the oldest of baelnorn seem little more than the hint of body, hair, and skin around their skeletons. Unlike common liches, whose flesh and organs eventually rot to the point that are are completely gone, this is the extent of their degeneration.

While the demilich type exists among liches, there is no equivalent type among archliches.


The method of becoming a archlich is nearly identical to becoming a lich.

Unlike most other forms of undead creatures, the archlich retains all of the memories, personality, and abilities that it possessed in life - but it has a virtual eternity to hone its skills and inevitably becomes very powerful. Like other powerful forms of undead (such as a vampire or mummy), an archlich has unnatural powers owing to his state. For example, they can put mortals in a paralyzed state of hibernation with a touch, making them seem dead to others. An archlich is capable of sustaining tremendous physical damage, and is immune to disease, poison, fatigue and other effects that affect only the living. However, despite all his undead "gifts", an archlich (like a lich) counts his vast intellect, his supreme mastery of wizardry and limitless time to research and plan, as his greatest resources.



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